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Whatever you intend to do, we keep it tight: A Simmering is a special type of seal used in mechanical systems to prevent liquids or gases from escaping or penetrating.

The term “Simmerring” is derived from the name of its developer, the Austrian engineer and later professor, Walther Simmer. He developed the first Simmerrings/Bavaria – in Kufstein in 1929; initially made of leather and metal.

A Simmering usually consists of a flexible sealing element and a rigid metal housing that holds the seal in place.

The purpose of using Simmerrings is to ensure that mechanical systems work more efficiently and last longer; they help to minimize wear on moving parts and prevent damage from escaping or penetrating liquids and gases.

The possible applications of Simmerrings are almost unlimited: in engines, in transmissions, in pumps, in compressors or in mechanical engineering.

We have general Simmerrings, Viton Simmerrings, rings with lips or with nitro springs and steel Simmerrings in various dimensions in our stock.