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Sealing rings

O-rings are high-quality annular flat or round rubber gaskets used to seal joints (pictured are custom-made templates and the rubber from which the rings are cut).

Gaskets are required in many different facilities. They are used to seal components that are connected to one another. Therefore, they always have to withstand different requirements. In most cases it is about the sealing of liquids and gases. These are sometimes also under high pressure and are subject to strong temperature fluctuations.

There are also some that prevent dust and other substances from entering sensitive machine areas. Our products are as varied as the requirements. What types of seals there are, how they are designed and what they are used for is described in detail below.

As machines and systems become more and more complex, the need for high-quality seals also increases. That is why there are countless other designs and cuffs to choose from in our shop. It is therefore worth taking a look at what is on offer. Not only are there numerous different types of seals to choose from, but they are also available in different sizes and materials in our stock.