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Roller bearings

Rolling bearings are bearings in which an inner ring and an outer ring are separated by various rolling bodies.

They are used to fasten shafts and axles as floating and fixed bearings. Rolling bearings have one major advantage over plain bearings: they do not have an increased friction torque when the bearings start up. In addition, there is less wear because they can also work at low speeds.

Furthermore, due to their standardization for mass production, these bearings are much cheaper to purchase than plain bearings. This standardization also allows for less effort when installing the bearings in an assembly.

However, what speaks most in favor of these bearings is that they are maintenance-free for a long time if the bearings are only subjected to moderate loads. Additional devices for cooling etc. are not required due to the lower friction torque.

We have ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings, axial bearings, spherical roller bearings, plain bearings, spherical roller bearings and wheel bearings in various dimensions in our stock.