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Only distribution partner worldwide

May 20, 2023 – We are the world’s only distributor of the well-known Dunlop Conveyor Belting company; their high quality belts are abrasion resistant, water repellent, oil and grease repellent, anti-static, cut resistant, cold resistant, heat resistant, acid resistant, slip resistant, and stain resistant. The rubber compounds are manufactured by the company itself.

The belts are produced by Dunlop itself and not imported from Asia. Each elevator belt is absolutely ozone resistant to withstand enormous outdoor loads as well as the toughest operating conditions. They are supplied to us in a width of 1400 millimetres and a length of 200 metres.

Another advantage: In addition to the premium products of this company, the technicians of Dunlop are at our and your side with all their experience and, if required, offer a consultation at your site together with our specialist staff.


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